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  1. Caring for your candle

    Candle wicks should really measure approx 5mm, this ensures it burns correctly.
    You know the huge flickering flames you see in the movies... they're wrong and can be dangerous.
    The flame isn't under control and we don't want anyone starting an unintentional fire. 
    Don't believe everything you see at the cinema ;-)

    Always make sure you sit your candle on a heatproof coaster, the glass can get hot
    and we don't want scorch marks on your furniture.

    It's really easy to prevent tunneling too.
    You know, when you end up with a teeny tiny wick and a huge wall of wax around it...
    It doesn't add to the ambience, they're not moody or romantic, they're wasting your money and we don't want that either.
    When you light your candle, make sure it melts all the way to the edge & at least 4 mm down.
    Don't be tempted to think 'It'll be fine this once', take it from me, it really won't.

    To ensure your candles last as long as possible, only burn them for 3-4 hours at a time
    (this applies to all candles from anywhere).
    Allow to solidify, trim the wick if needed and relight.

    Once you've used your candle, our jars and glasses are really easy to clean and then
    you can reuse them for anything you choose.
    Mine have been claimed for nails, screws, drawing pins and pot pourri so far.

  2. All you need to get started

    The new Darceys Starter Pack contains everything you need to get started on your Darceys journey.
    The Starter Pack is £10 and will include -
    20 Brochures
    20 Order Forms
    20 Special Offer Leaflets
    5 Wax Melt Scents
    1 Small Candle in random scent


    Find out more here or Contact Laura on 02393 112140 during office hours.

    Wax melt scents will be
    - 2 Monkey Farts 
    - 2 Clean Cotton 
    - 2 Black Raspberry & Vanilla 
    - 2 Lady Darcey 
    - 2 Mr Darcey 

    If you'd like to take your Darceys kit to the next level, you can add it the party pack.

    The Darceys Party Pack is £35 and includes -
    1Box of melts
    1 Bag of Aroma Beads
    1 Room Spray
    1 Reed Diffuser
    1 Large Candle
    1 Small Candle

    All scents in this pack are randomly selected & provide a great base for you as you get to experience the full size products in a range of scents.
    This pack is ideal for party plan too.

  3. Monkey Farts smell much nicer than you imagine, they're very fruity & juicy!
    They're an old favourite and a consistent best seller.

    The Monkey Farts small candle is the Darceys special this week and it's only £6.00 instead of the usual £8.50!

     monkey farts

    Darceys small candles burn for up to 40 hours and we provide a candle care leaflet to help you get the most from your candle.

    All special offers can be found HERE

  4. July sees the return of the sweet shop limited edition scents with parma violet taking the place of humbugs and there's a brand new limited edition inspired by range!
    As well as 10% discount on their orders, Party hosts have a brand new gift too - a large parma violet candle for party total of £150.

    There are 8 wax melts per pack for £4.50 but if you choose to buy all 4 scents in the range, you only pay £13.50
    Buy 3 and get 1 free!

    Sweet Shop Scents - Fizzy Cola Bottles, Rhubarb & Custard, Pear Drops, Parma Violets

    Inspired By Scents - See You Jimmy, Flower Blast, Madam Coco, Lady Millionaire

    You can purchase them HERE
    Be quick though, they're only available until the 31st of July 2017

  5. Darceys Top Seller Awardwow!

    To be named as one of the Top Sellers in June is both astounding & exciting.

    I only joined Darceys at the end of May and placed my first customer order in June.

    A HUGE thank you to my customers, I'm glad you love Darceys products as much as I do.